Welcome to the largest collection of modern lithic art for sale and show!

We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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Red Glass Twins
Made from two slabs off the same piece of glass. These a...
Modern Flintknapping Techniques, 2 DVD set
This is a 2 DVD set which includes the best and most popu...
Friley & catahoula
Both made out of the right material Louisiana citronell g...
Adena spear
Adena spear made from burlington chert.
Suede Sheath & Elk Stag Knife
I have knapped a piece of rich-green agate stone for a bl...
Pine Tree
Material is Texas Banded Chert. Point is very serrated.
Turtle Creek Newnan
Thin Newnan style point knapped out of Turtle Creek glass...
Primitive Stone Axe with Caribou Bone Handle and Stand
This large, heavy duty axe was made from a Caribou leg bo...
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Doug Leeth
Updated On: Oct 06, 2015
Total items: 2
Hey All, Welcome to my web page. My name is Doug Leeth of Ice Age Arts. I have be...
Jim Miller
Updated On: Oct 06, 2015
Total items: 20
As a geologist and knapper, my specialty is making a wide variety of knapped poin...
Wade Anthony
Updated On: Oct 06, 2015
Total items: 121
Greetings from Pennsylvania! I am Wade Anthony & I enjoy creating useful things ...
spiritoftherock Lithics
Updated On: Oct 05, 2015
Total items: 29
welcome, come on in and shop a spell. my name is stan piersa, been knapping about...
Tony Soares
Updated On: Oct 05, 2015
Total items: 18
My name is Tony Soares, I have been flint knapping for more than 30 of my 45 yea...
Kinley Coyan
Updated On: Oct 05, 2015
Total items: 34
I live in the Big Bend area of Texas and have been knapping since about 1996. I l...
Michael Miller
Updated On: Oct 05, 2015
Total items: 277
The webmaster of FlintKnappers.com. Michael is an archeologist with a masters in ...
Curtis Smith
Updated On: Oct 05, 2015
Total items: 19
I have been knapping for over 18 years. Started at the age of 10. I knap primar...
Rick tollett/steppinstone
Updated On: Oct 05, 2015
Total items: 45
my name is rick tollett, i make a variety of knives with stone from all over the ...
Don Sutton
Updated On: Oct 04, 2015
Total items: 77
Hey I am Don Sutton ,out of Las Vegas & South Utah Iíve been chippin for...
Updated On: Oct 04, 2015
Total items: 94
My name is Darrell Jeane and I live in Louisiana, I have been knapping since i wa...
Chris L. Dunlap
Updated On: Oct 03, 2015
Total items: 62
Welcome to the High Plains Gallery. We are a group of knappers specializing in r...
Douglas Alcorn II
Updated On: Oct 03, 2015
Total items: 40
Hello, I am Douglas Alcorn II ,I am 20 years old and live in Traverse city mi wit...
Collectible Points
Updated On: Oct 02, 2015
Total items: 434
These are points made by some of the top knappers. They all have numerous years o...
Mike Cook
Updated On: Oct 02, 2015
Total items: 113
I have been knapping a wide range of points and materials of over 38 years and en...
Derrick Priest
Updated On: Oct 01, 2015
Total items: 299
My name is Derrick Priest and I grew up in Ohio in between Lobdell Creek and Raco...
Ernie Raber
Updated On: Sep 30, 2015
Total items: 100
I have been knapping off and on for 21 years.I do mostly flint ridge material, ca...
cliff carney
Updated On: Sep 30, 2015
Total items: 15
Im part Blackfoot, native american indian, flintknapping flows thru my veins, im ...
Brian Cofield
Updated On: Sep 29, 2015
Total items: 152
My name is Brian Cofield and I live in Roanoke Alabama. I have been knapping for...
George Ross
Updated On: Sep 28, 2015
Total items: 23
I live in Bryant ALand have been flintknapping for 6 years. I use percussion and ...
Bargain Bin
Updated On: Sep 27, 2015
Total items: 84
A selection of points that I simply don't have space for in my frames. Same great...
Native FLakes Flint Knapping
Updated On: Sep 26, 2015
Total items: 92
Greetings! I knapp knives, arrowpoints, and other assorted sharp tools. It is a...
David Owens
Updated On: Sep 25, 2015
Total items: 477
Jake Webster
Updated On: Sep 23, 2015
Total items: 65
Hello, my name is Jake Webster. I put my first antler to stone at the early age o...
Dan Long
Updated On: Sep 23, 2015
Total items: 188
My knapping career started over 20 years ago using flakes of my local (and favour...
Bo Earls
Updated On: Sep 22, 2015
Total items: 20
Check out my gallery filled with some of my finest work! 13 years knapping experi...
George Roland
Updated On: Sep 19, 2015
Total items: 73
Updated On: Sep 18, 2015
Total items: 46
My name is Kenny Hull. I have been knapping for over 19 years now using the flake...
Johnny Corley
Updated On: Sep 17, 2015
Total items: 30
I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I love to work with my hand so knapping is a ...
Doug Shelton
Updated On: Sep 17, 2015
Total items: 85
I've been collecting authentic points since a child. I have always been fascinate...
Primitive Notions
Updated On: Sep 17, 2015
Total items: 66
Hello! My name is Jason Harper and I love to make these sharp pointy things. I ...
Tony Stanfield
Updated On: Sep 16, 2015
Total items: 31
Hello Everybody. My name is Tony Stanfield and I live in Southern Oregon. I ha...
Don Wilcox
Updated On: Sep 12, 2015
Total items: 12
My name is Knapperdon AKA [Don Wilcox]. I live in North Tennessee. I live on...
Bruce Davidson
Updated On: Sep 12, 2015
Total items: 43
Bruce Davidson has been flintknapping since 1997. Living in western Nevada, I use...
Jay Rather
Updated On: Sep 11, 2015
Total items: 19
-Welcome to The Pipecarver, offering Hand Carved Native American Style Pipes, kn...
Jeff Burr Garetson
Updated On: Sep 10, 2015
Total items: 25
My name is Jeff Garetson but they call me Burr. Welcome to Primitive Instincts.Ou...
James Bowden, Past2Present Prog & TP
Updated On: Sep 10, 2015
Total items: 103
I am James Bowden. I have been flintknapping for 31 years, passionately creating ...
Updated On: Sep 09, 2015
Total items: 56
We have been in business for 15 years. We sell reenactment supplies , books and s...
Alan Altizer
Updated On: Sep 08, 2015
Total items: 143
Alan Altizer lives in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee with his wife Kristy, da...
Marty Rueter
Updated On: Sep 06, 2015
Total items: 7
youtube channel ht...
Bruce Hudson
Updated On: Sep 04, 2015
Total items: 32
Bruce Hudson / Kentucky Knapper is a self taught Flint Knapper living in Louisvil...
Jerry Nevins
Updated On: Aug 26, 2015
Total items: 35
My name is Jerry Nevins and I live in central Missouri. I'm a retired timberframe...
jeff obrien
Updated On: Aug 25, 2015
Total items: 49
Hello , my name is Jeff O`Brien and i live in northeast Georgia . I started knapp...
Jeremy Parker
Updated On: Aug 23, 2015
Total items: 119
My name is Jeremy Parker and I got into flintknapping around five years ago. I g...
Bruce Timmons
Updated On: Aug 19, 2015
Total items: 101
Welcome to SharedVisions. My name is Bruce Timmons. I began years ago making pipe...
Updated On: Aug 19, 2015
Total items: 24
I am a fairly new knapper, I started on October 15th 2014 shortly after my 40th b...
Flint Knapping Tools LLC
Updated On: Aug 17, 2015
Total items: 3
Take Down Ishi Stick! We have lots of new and improved tools for 2015! Ne...
Richard Poirier
Updated On: Aug 11, 2015
Total items: 95
Hello Everyone! I have been Flint-Knapping for 25 Years. This was long before th...
Aaron Lincoln
Updated On: Jul 30, 2015
Total items: 61
Hello, my name is Aaron Lincoln, I have been fortunate to share this passion with...
Bob Ratliff
Updated On: Jul 13, 2015
Total items: 24
Please send me an email even just to say hey I like your work I can electroplate...
Aaron Smith
Updated On: Jun 22, 2015
Total items: 17
I began my curiosity with knapping around 1993 and made a few usable tools out of...
Updated On: Jun 15, 2015
Total items: 307
My name is Chris Henry and I have been fascinated with stoneage technology ever s...
Sofus Stenak
Updated On: Jun 01, 2015
Total items: 12
I am a young knapper from Denmark who tries to replicate prehistoric artifacts ba...
Jason Newman
Updated On: May 10, 2015
Total items: 83
Hi, my name is Jason Newman. I am located near McGregor Texas. I have been breaki...
stands alone
Updated On: Apr 07, 2015
Total items: 11
Hi and thank you for stopping by and looking at my art work. I have been knappin...
Phil Love
Updated On: Mar 02, 2015
Total items: 39
Hi, My name is Phil love,I live in north central Ohio. I've been knapping since ...
William C. Huntsman
Updated On: Feb 26, 2015
Total items: 22
Hey People! My name is William Huntsman, and I have been knapping on and off for ...
Edward Mosher
Updated On: Jan 14, 2015
Total items: 28
Ed Mosher has been Flintknapping since 1990. I am an antler knapper and some time...
Stan Payne
Updated On: Jan 08, 2015
Total items: 22
Hi, Stan Payne here. I have been knapping for 18 years. I currently make, arrowhe...
Grady Bowen
Updated On: Dec 01, 2014
Total items: 91
Welcome to bustedflakes art gallery Art work by Grady Bowen I offer 100% r...